M A I N   M O D U L E S :
 Inventory Control
 Full Accounting – Including Financials
 Warehouse Management
 Order Processing
 Purchasing and Forecasting
 Real-Time Management Reporting
 Sales Tools
 E-Business Solutions
 Importing and Exporting Tools

OrdeXPro is a specialized software system for inventory management, sales optimization, order processing, purchasing, importing/exporting, accounting and warehouse management, designed for corporations with unique requirements.

Our core competency is to work hand-in-hand with distribution companies to help them make efficient processes manageable. We provide best-in-class software solutions to help companies control costs, free internal resources to focus on strategic issues in addition to providing the IT horsepower needed to manage risk and address changing business needs.

A key development strategy was to create software which could be tailored to suit individual customer needs without interfering with the normal product upgrade cycle.

We provide a full menu of services to our clients including consulting, support, programming, network management and planning. We also recognize that some corporations have the need for part-time IT services and our company will provide such services using a collection of remote tools to assist on an "as needed" basis.

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